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At Cheryl Whitley Law, our experienced and professional Belleville, Illinois expungement attorneys understand that a conviction for a crime does not have to remain on your permanent record, thereby marring the rest of your life.

Although several laws and rules dictate who can and cannot have their records expunged. Which convictions are eligible for removal from your records. Our probation termination and expungement attorneys in Belleville County provide a dogged methodology to provide solutions. We understand perfectly reasonably that many things are hinged on having your records clean as a slate, and we are committed to helping you find solutions that produce results.

What Expungement Options Are Available in Belleville, Illinois?

Expungement is not an option for every situation. To ascertain your qualification for this process, the court will first determine if there are undeniable pieces of evidence of rehabilitation and the expiration of your probation period. At that point, our experienced Belleville probation termination and expungement attorney will help you initiate the steps of withdrawing your plea or engaging in a no contest plea and seek the complete dismissal of your criminal conviction.

A request can also be made to the court for your probationary period to be dismissed early if you happen to be under the same restrictions. When this request receives approval, we can proceed to petition for a case dismissal.

Who is Eligible to Have Their Conviction Expunged in Belleville, Illinois?

Expungement Law Attorneys at Cheryl Whitley Law, Belleville, IL

First of all, not everyone is eligible to have their convictions expunged in Belleville, Illinois.

Expungement is only available to cases and defendants that involve non-incarceration. When and if a person is convicted and charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense and has fully completed the probation requirements, they are eligible for expungement under Illinois law.

Furthermore, such a person cannot currently be:

  • Charged with a crime

  • On probation for a crime

  • Serving a sentence for a crime

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